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Socio Economic Health Education Organization (SEHEO) came into being in the early part of 1985 as a result of the philanthropic ideas of some experienced social workers. Economy of Bangladesh has been growing and poverty declining as life expectancy, literacy and other social conditions improving. At the same time gap between food production and food intake narrowed as rice harvests increased. Bangladesh expect to become a middle income country by 2021. So efforts are underway to maintain economic stability, strengthen revenues, extend trade reforms, improve labor skills, up-grade rural and urban management, fill energy and infrastructural gaps and adapt to climate change.

The SEHEO emerged as a development organization with the close cooperation of some people oriented programs whose concern is to mitigate the miseries of lives of the marginalized & vulnerable people, particularly lonely disable, miserable woman & children who are not included in the mainstream development mosaic. Over the years, as a strategic development organization SEHEO wholeheartedly tried to make an impact in the lives of the disadvantaged & vulnerable people in promoting & establishing their rights, social justice, gender equity through the right based approach.

SEHEO distributed food & sanitize items to 25,333 people in 21 districts in COVID-19 pandemic. To mitigate the sufferings of the people, SEHEO does its best. SEHEO is sharing essential protective measures and hygiene practices with staffs. This includes training, awareness sessions, communication materials and also providing them with access to hand washing and sanitizing stations, gloves, and other protective materials based on their work. SEHEO is organizing train the Trainers sessions to equip our staff on preventive hygiene and social distancing measures. Our community workforce will actively take part in raising awareness on preventive measures and hygiene practices.  

Through our forward looking programmes/ projects, in 2019-2020 we created employment opportunities, ensured civil rights, expanded women’s leadership, provided elementary education to minor children, providing safety net services, rendered services toward disabled people, health & nutritional services, HIV/Aids awareness, supporting vibrant agricultural sector across our working locations.

Our work and goals remained same, as ever, to provide opportunities for the poor specially poor women of our working area to distance themselves from poverty, ignorance and to help build resilience.

We are grateful to the Government of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank and other Banks and all our development partners for their support in 2019-2020. Without generous support from them it would not have been possible to meet the needs of the rural poor. We express our gratitude to the individual programme participants who have worked hard to bring a positive change in their communities and their own lives.


Md. Samsul Alam

Executive Director