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Micro Finance Program
Rural Micro-credit Program (RMC):
SME Loan Program:
Housing Loan Program:
Agriculture Sector Micro-credit:
Women Entrepreneur Loan Program:
Cow Fattening & Livestock breeding:
Fisheries Loan Program:
Seasonal Loan Program:
Flower Cultivation Loan:
Training Program:
Capacity building training of Staff:
Agri/Microcredit Management
Savings Management
Women Entrepreneur/ SME Project Development
Group Approach
Office Management
Monitoring & Evaluation
Computer & Software Operation
Leadership Development Training:
Skill Development Training:
Seasonal Crops Cultivation
Vegetables Cultivation
Flower Cultivation
Maize and Spice Cultivation
Beef Fattening
Cow rearing
Fish Culture
Poultry  rearing
Goats & Sheep rearing