SEHEO, a short name signifying endeavours for a better future, is a local nongovernment development organization set up in 1986. The organization came into being in the face of degradation of socio-ecological resources in the southwest coastal region with specific mission to redress the declining natural resource base, livelihoods and food security of the people. To uphold human rights and gender equity for the socially disadvantaged community with the focus on women is another major concern of SEHEO’sdevelopment initiatives. SEHEO is a local agro-ecology and right based NGO working in the southwest coastal region for ensuring livelihood security of the resource poor community through promoting sustainable agricultural firming system and environmental health. Wetland resource management with focus on aquaculture is one of the principal components of SEHEO’s development initiatives in the region. SEHEO developed ICT-based communication system that connected all 46 offices through fast information and data sharing. An interactive website of the organization is underway for ensuring transparency and participation of stakeholders in decision-making. SEHEO alongside implemented other programs/projects related to human rights, health and hygiene, water and sanitation, population control, education and skill, livelihood, food security, nutrition, renewable energy, environment as well as awareness and encouragement.

Contact person of the organisation and address

MD. Shamsul Alam
Executive Director

Socio Economic Health Education Organization (SEHEO)
133 Bhai Bhai cottage, Circuit House Road, Chaklapara, Jhenaidah-7300.
Tel: 88-0451-62629