Agriculture Sector Microcredit Program 

Agriculture Sector Micro credit Program is a special loan for the beneficiaries. The agricultural loan is provided to its beneficiaries to meet seasonal demand of loan to farmers. The loan goes to the trade like vegetable cultivation, maize cultivation, spices production, oil seed cultivation, flower cultivation, beef fattening etc. The loan is provided at the same interest rate but duration is about 6 months/1 yeras. The farmers repay the loan after harvesting their produces at a time. Any farmers can get the loan apart from RMC. During reporting period Tk. 28879.52 Lac has been disbursed to 89946 farmers. Cumulative disbursement, from inception till to date Tk. 123244.89 Lac has disbursed as Agriculture Sector Micro-credit. The seasonal loan has become a fortune for the beneficiaries because they do not have to think about money for their agricultural production, when they need it.