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  • About SEHEO
    The SEHEO, a NGO registered with the Department of Social Welfare, NGO Affairs Bureau, Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA) and Department of Youth Development.  It is a non-profit, development organization dedicated to improve living standard of the poor people especially women.  Microcredit, agriculture, poultry & livestock, fish culture, nutrition and health, education etc. are its main program and projects. The target group comprises, hard core poor, farmers, especially women, children and adolescent, aborigine etc.. All the programs/projects are implemented with full participation of the target groups in a participatory way. The objects for which the organization was established are, inter alia, the following:

  • Objectives of the organization:

vTo Organize the target people especially the poorest women of the society to make them organized, united and help building their own organizational bases and thus strengthening their individual and collective ability and capacity.

vTo uplift the socio-economic condition and ensure the basic rights of the under privileged and disadvantaged section of society.

vTo ensure equal rights of women and men with especial care of the children and disabled rights in all spheres of development including access to information, skills, resources, and publication.

vTo make the group members and community people conscious and aware of their situation, develop their confidence, self-respects, and creativity to make them fit for their desired changes.

vTo educate the illiterate group members and other target people literate through operating non-formal education.

vTo educate the illiterate out of school-going children of the program villages through running non-formal Child education.

vTo facilitate holistic agricultural and environmental development activities in order to enhance rights to poor farmers and conservation of biodiversity.

vTo provide basic health services to target people through both clinical and non-clinical services towards improvement of their overall health conditions.

vTo provide necessary technical and credit supports to the poor group members for undertaking and operating small scale income generating activities (IGAs)mainly to come out of acute poverty.

vTo implement program for development and rehabilitation of the disabled people.

vTo raise awareness among the community people on various social issues which are obstacles in the process of development.

vTo response to the needs of the distressed people, caused by natural disasters.